About Me


I have extensive experience helping mothers pre and post pregnancy, and helping babies get the best start with feeding issues, torticollis, plagiocephaly or other issues that may have come up during birth. 


I enjoy working wth  many conditions, helping people find relief with headaches, musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.  I have lots of experience working with these and many other complex issues  that require a wholistic approach. 


I have extensive experience treating those with concussions of all ages, helping them to get more active and improve quality of life   

Marcia Bamber, PT

Marcia Bamber, Physiotherapist and Yoga Instructor

I earned my PT degree at Western University and trained as a yoga teacher at Yasodhara Ashram. I am certified in craniosacral therapy and as a presenter and long distance mentor at Healing from the Core.  I am passionate about sharing these tools with others to help them find more ease of well being in body and and mind.